Road Side Crosses

September 11, 2008

What Are The Stories Behind All Those Road Side Crosses?

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In Memory Of Those We Love…

Click on tab on right hand side titled (In Memory Of) They will never be forgotten. They are loved forever.

This blog is deticated to all those Road Side Crosses that we see along the highways everyday. This blog site is a great way for you to keep their memories alive. Share your story.

We all do our best to keep our love ones memories alive by placing crosses along the roads and highways. And websites like & and many other ways to keep their memory alive.  In memory of those we love so much.

Now you can take it even one step further.

You can share your story for the whole world to see here at this blog site. Share your story about the cross you placed somewhere on a dusty road for everyone to see web wide.

Just send me your story about the road side cross you placed to  with My Story typed in subject area. Along with your message.

And I will place it on this blog as a Memorial for the loved one you love so very much. And now the memory of your love ones will live on for as long as this blog site remains active. And everyone who stops by will read their story.

Please send a photo of the cross or memorial you placed, along with the mile maker or location of site. What State and City. Year and date of the person that your memorial is dedicated to. And a short story about your love one that the memorial was placed for.

And I will post your message for the whole world to see.

To help keep this site up and running you can make a small donation. It would be very helpful.

To make a donation click the link below:
Thanks John
You can also place this URL on your website or blog site to help spread this message.        My Zimbio


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